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Republican Women Of Wood County

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Justice Greg Neeley, Twelfth Court of Appeals was the Features Speaker at the October 19, 2015 RWWC General Meeting

JoAnn Flemming was the Featured Speaker at the RWWC September 21, 2015 general meeting

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Louie Gohmert was the featured speaker at the August, 2015 RWWC general meeting.  

Michael Quinn Sullivan with Empower Texans was the Featured Speaker at the RWWC July, 2015 General Meeting ~

RWWC Treasurer, Isabel McGuffin presented a skit on Parlimentary Procedure at the general meeting.  

It was a fun and creative way to refresh our memories on the correct way to conduct our meeting

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Mr. David Sheffield, 8th Degree Grandmaster,  

Ms. Sheffield, and

Ms. Hudson with Quitman

Self-Defense and Martial Arts presented the RWWC

May, 2015 program.  

Several members participated in the very useful and informative demonstration. 

RWWC President Jeanette Sterner with the Guest Speaker, Fred Disney for the March 16, 2015 Meeting.  Mr. Disney was a pilot in WW II who spent 22 months as a POW.

Members, visitors and guests at the March16, 2015 RWWC Meeting

The Rev. Don Majors and friends from the Sons of the American Revolution brought the November, 2014  program

Brief History of the American Revolution in Flags and Songs.

December, 2015 Annual Christmas Luncheon and Installation of Officers at Golden Homestead

Sherry Culberson and Carol Foster, RWWC members with  Wood County Sheriff  Jim Brown who was the speaker at the January, 2015 Meeting.

Dwayne Stovall with "Keep Texas Free" was the speaker for the February, 2015 Meeting.  He was introduced by Liz Smith RWWC Vice President and Program Director.